Heavy Vehicle Technology

Heavy Vehicle Technology

Heavy vehicle technology is about the mechanics of agricultural and construction vehicles and it requires a very broad spectrum of skills. Heavy vehicles are characterised by considerable diversity. Their maintenance and repair are most often carried out not in a commercial workshop, but at their place of work or in dedicated specialist workshops adapted for this purpose.

These types of vehicles are often operated for extremely long periods, so their mechanic has to work with both modern, high-tech machines and age-old vehicles based on solutions that are no longer used. For this reason, the range of tools he uses for advanced diagnostics, as well as for repair or maintenance, is exceptionally wide. Here, physical and manual skills go hand in hand with technological skills, thanks to the increasing innovation in the industry.

The mechanic works under time pressure - heavy machinery is often created to suit the nature of their specialised work, making it difficult to replace the vehicle being repaired and its temporary exclusion from service affects the entire production chain.

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