Entrepreneurship/Business Development Team Challenge

Entrepreneurship/Business Development Team Challenge

Entrepreneurs are one of the cornerstones of society, driving innovation and growth in all industries. A good entrepreneur is characterised by a willingness to take the initiative and the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Entrepreneurs are an essential part of sustainable development, based on environmental protection and rational resource management. They are responsible for their company alone or with business partners, taking strategic decisions in, for example, marketing, accounting, legal, product issues, or indicating directions for the company's development, expansion and even internationalisation.

They are also characterised by a high level of social skills. They can establish and maintain contact with people from different cultures. They are characterised by creativity, critical thinking, quick adaptation to changing business conditions, resilience to stress, assertiveness and responsibility for their own decisions. All these skills enable them to effectively manage and dynamically develop the business.

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